Feeding the birds this Autumn?

Autumn Birds

Autumn is an ever changing season and it can be a very important and rewarding time to feed your wild garden birds. It is possible to attract a wide variety of species if you ensure they are happily fed and watered.

At this time of year, food and water will need to be put out on a regular basis to ensure freshness and once you have established a feeding routine; your birds will become familiar and visit your garden regularly. It is important to offer additional food as natural food sources begin to reduce.

Birds require high fat foods for energy during colder months to maintain their fat reserves to help them survive frosty conditions. It is therefore wise to use good quality food and scraps.

The best autumn bird foods consist of sunflower hearts, suet, nuts and sunflower seeds.

Providing the right foods and feeding your wildlife is only half the battle!  Making sure the environment is safe is equally important. Feeders will need to be checked for damage, ideally squirrel-proof bird feeders are essential to prevent foraging foreigners and it is essential to keep your seed and nuts fresh and dry, I would recommend a storage tin to keep naughty nibblers at bay.

Bird baths are great when filled with fresh, clean water and if you allow fallen leaves to build up under trees and shrubs this will attract insects, and provide your feathered friends with necessary shelter. Don’t despair if you have a smaller yard, bird boxes are perfect for providing warmth and shelter too!