Who was St Valentine?

valentines dayEvery year we show our nearest and dearest how much they mean to us but why do we do this? Don’t get me wrong it’s great to receive a dozen red roses on the 14th of February (and a box of chocolates!) but have you ever wondered where it all started?

Apparently the saint himself is a bit of a mystery. Early stories suggest Valentine wasn’t the god of love or a gigolo but merely a Roman priest in the third century. The ruling emperor of that era decided that men without wives and children made the best soldiers, so he outlawed marriage for young men, this upset Valentine greatly and he continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. Unfortunately his actions were discovered and Emperor Claudius II ordered Valentine to be sentenced to death.

Whilst imprisoned he fell in love with a young girl, rumour has it that this was a jailers daughter who visited him whilst he was incarcerated and just before his death he wrote her a farewell letter signed ‘From your Valentine’ and so the first ‘valentine’ greeting was sent.

The UK now sends over 1 billion valentines cards every year, with women purchasing approximately 85% of all cards. With retail sales of around £978m the commercial side of Valentines day has rapidly increased over the last three centuries making it the second most commercially celebrated day after Christmas.

But how do you go the extra mile and show your other half the meaning of true love? With the personal touch of course!

Why not print off your favourite photo and place it in a simple frame, or simply say it in words with one of our romantic wall plaques.

All in all, if you’re not sure what to give your significant other this year, just make sure you reach out and give them a great big hug on the 14th February and show them you care, although if you want your day to run smoothly I seriously suggest you take a peek at our gifts for Valentines!

Happy Valentines x

Gifts for the guys!

christmas gifts for him

Most people have a man in their life who has everything, simply impossible to buy for! Hopefully I can help relieve a little stress with my gift ideas for guys.

Darts Drinking Game: This is the perfect present for the man who likes a tipple or two! Complete with shot glasses, darts board and magnetic darts (real ones would be dangerous when the game gets going!) This groovy game makes the perfect stocking filler and is priced at a reasonable £4.99 each.

Retro Sweet Hamper: Filled to the brim with old school sweets to add a smile to the face of any fickle soldier! Supplied in a willow hamper with leather fastenings which my Dad uses for his fishing! (Two gifts for the price of one!).

Nickel Wine Stopper & Coaster: Are you fed up with buying the usual bottle of wine? Well this year you can raise the bar and complete the ensemble with this gorgeous twosome.

Golfer Wall Plaque: If your man has tried his hand at a round of golf, then this will be perfect (and cheeky). Decorated with the words “An old golfer lives here… with the best score of his life” makes a fabulous fun gift idea for any golfer who’s advancing in years!!

Well it’s not long until Santa makes an appearance so I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and look forward catching up with you in 2015, in the meantime…. Happy Shopping x