Tips for Autumn Gardening

autumn gardening

Autumn has arrived! The evenings are cooler, the mornings are crisper and there’s a freshness in the air, but now is not the time to take it easy and rest on your laurels.  Autumn is one of the busiest times in the garden, it’s a time for clearing and preparing for the big freeze. Follow my top tips to get your garden ready for hibernation.

  • Tidying the greenhouse is one of those jobs that is put off until tomorrow, unfortunately tomorrow has arrived! Remove plants, sweep out any debris and disinfect.  (This will keep pests and diseases from growing throughout the winter months). I usually use hot water and Jeyes Fluid for cleaning and disinfecting and whilst you have the solution to hand clean out any pots or seed trays that you will be re-using in the Spring. Make sure you ventilate your greenhouse for a couple of days to ensure everything is thoroughly dry.
  • Once you have mastered the inside of your greenhouse it’s time to move on to the outside! Remove any shading you have used over the hotter months, clean out debris and leaves from the gutters and clean the glass thoroughly to make the most of the sunshine throughout the cooler seasons.
  • Tidy your borders! It’s time to say goodbye to the annuals and add them to the compost heap. Perennials will need to be cut back to around 5cm above ground level and the borders can then be covered with a thick layer of compost or bark chips.
  • If you have a pond or water feature make sure you are prepared for falling leaves. Decomposing leaves can turn water foul and block filters, make sure you cover with a fine mesh to avoid this.
  • Fallen leaves are perfect for making leafmould. This will add structure and organic matter to your soil and is the perfect solution for garden waste. Simply fill plastic bin bags with leaves, punch holes through the sides and sprinkle with water. Fasten the bags with string and leave for a couple of years to breakdown into a crumbly texture that can be added to your borders.
  • Now you have cleared up the leaves it’s time to have a look at the lawn. Most lawns will need moss removing, aerating and feeding. If you have any patches it’s a great time to lay new turf or sow seeds.
  • Before you take it easy and get ready to put your feet up make sure your tools are given the final once over. Sharpen secateurs and shears, wash spades and forks and treat any wooden handles with linseed oil for protection. This will ensure your tools will be ready for action in the Spring, which will be here before you know it!

Gorgeous Gifts for your Gardeners!


This week I’m going to help you with your green fingered friends!

Gardening is a fantastic past time and if embraced with enthusiasm (and the right tools) your chums (and hopefully you) will soon be able to reap the benefits.

Bulb & Seed Tins: These are available in various colours and various sizes and make perfect stocking filler from only £6.00 each. Why not fill them with unusual seeds or a range of bulbs to give the gift with a difference!

Thyme Watering Can: Ideal for the Alan Titchmarsh in your life! This traditionally designed metal watering can is absolutely stunning and beautifully finished in the new Thyme green colour and complete with a detachable brass rose. This will certainly make someone feel very special.

watering canwater misterbulb tin

Water Mister: Pop a smile on somebody’s face this Christmas with our traditional water mister. Great present for the indoor gardener and lovingly decorated with the words, ‘Grow Damn It!’.

Traditional Buckets: Better than they sound (honest!). Absolutely brilliant for the organic vegetarian! My favourite is our gooseberry green bucket with ‘Grown in the UK’ printed on the front, great for Grandpa’s allotment!

Next week I will be blogging about Gifts for the Animal Lover! Happy Shopping x