Wedding season is upon us!

Be insipired with our beautiful and innovative wedding creations.

We have an excellent range of decorative ideas ranging from cream and crystal candle holders to silver heart table cloth weights (perfect for the marquee event!).

A lovely romantic idea is to decorate the end of church pews with decorative hearts, we have white willow, when intertwined with rose garlands look gorgeous.

A wedding favour with a difference would be our slate hearts. Small and petite, great for place cards. Write their name on one side and on the reverse a little message to take home and keep.

Clocks Have Gone Back!

paddington clock9331

Not ours! Our crazy clocks clocks are still as popular as ever and stocked for next day delivery. Our clocks are available in all sizes from the ridiculously large to the norm! Each ticks away and keeps time perfectly (providing you add a battery).

Choose from French vintage style to traditional Bisto themed, each designed to create a focal point in your favourite room and give your guests something else to talk about!

P.s Also makes a super Christmas present 😉