Spring Has Finally Arrived!

With what has been an extremely cold year thus far spring has finally decided to spring itself upon us. The snow that was covering the ground has finally melted, the evenings are beginning to get longer and the weather is starting to warm up ever so slightly.
We all know that you can’t keep a good gardener out of the garden for too long before our green fingers start to become itchy fingers. So it’s finally time to get out there and give the garden a good old spring clean.

Where do you start?
Well the shed or the fence can always do with sanding down and a lick of paint to help extend its life and keep it looking nice and fresh.  There are so many new colours of wood stains and different paints all which can be picked up relatively cheap from your local hardware store and really do help preserve the wood.

Want to build your very own campfire?
If you are feeling adventurous and have the space to do so then you could have a look at clearing a space in the garden a building a nice area where you and the family can sit around a nice fire pit together as the nights start to get warmer. Fire pits are a great thing to have in the garden and look fantastic, you can even build your very own little campfire seating area which can be achieved in just a few simple steps:

  1. Clear an area in your garden and box it off with either a nice edge or some timber just to keep the edge nice and clean.
  2. Fill the area you have cleared up with pine bark chippings, gravel or sand.
  3. Place your fire pit in the centre of the area and place some comfy chairs around it.
  4. You can finish it off by adding some tree trunk stools beside each chair to balance your drink on whilst you sit back and relax around the campfire you have just built yourself.


Don’t forget you will be needing some logs and kindling to get your fire started, you may want to have a look at the range of fireside essentials available on www.prettymaison.co.uk there is everything from kindling buckets, coal scuttles, leather gauntlet gloves to stunning handmade willow log baskets.


What about some new colours in the garden?
Why not pop down to your local garden centre? They will have lots of plants suitable to be planted this time of year and you may find some offers for bags of compost or soil improvers too!

If your lawn is looking a little hard done by and tired from the long winter then why not treat it to some lawn feed? To make sure it is in perfect condition and ready for the long hot summer!


Top Tips

  • If it’s not raining and the garden doesn’t look like it’s been flooded then start cutting the lawn about once every 10 days.
  • Clean up flower beds and borders, remove any debris and just have a general tidy up.
  • Hunt down garden bugs and pests, if you get them out of the ground now they will save you a headache in the summer months as they will start to cause chaos in the flowerbeds.
  • Install water butts to collect the rain which can then be used to water the plants as rain water is good for watering certain plants.
  • Clean your garden tools and give them a sharpen, you know what they say a true gardener is only as good as his tools. Dirty secateurs may introduce bacteria and fungi into the freshly pruned plants.

If you do decide to have a go at making your very own campfire at home don’t forget to tweet us your pics to @prettymaison on twitter so we can share your wonderful creations.