Gardening is all about trowel and error…

If March was too cold and if the start of April was a bit of a wash out, now is the time to pick up the fork and seize the moment. April is a good time to be in the garden. The soil is warming up, and spring is on its way! There is no such thing as an absolute set date for a job in gardening, for a start temperatures vary according to where you are in the countryâ Winter will come earlier to Scotland than to Devon.

There is quite a lot to be done in the garden in April, especially if March has not been suitable. Hedges will need tidying up after the long winter,(check for bird nests before starting) and decking and woodwork needs re-painting. Timber frames and trellis will need treating too. Tidy up and scrub down patios, being careful not to use too much water. It may be worth investing in some water butts if this water shortage is set to stay – any rain water we do receive is worth storing up.

Now is the time to start mowing the lawn too; gradually lowering the height of the cut as spring progresses. Weeds need attending to and hoeing in the borders, as well as adding mulch and compost to your borders and pots.

It is also the time of year to be getting your potatoes into containers, tomatoes started off from seed, parsley coriander and basil are all ready to be planted out in the greenhouse if you have one,or the windowsill if you don’t.

Pot up rooted cuttings and young plants.

It is a busy time but hopefully a productive one for you…