Get Ready For Cosy Evenings By The Fire!

fireside homepageAutumn is here, which means cooler evenings. If you’re lucky enough to have a real fire then you definitely need to treat yourself to one of our Fireside Sets. Not only are they simply stunning but practical too.

Our Fireside Ash Set will save endless cleaning! How many times have you tried to get your carefully placed ash (balanced on your shovel) through your lounge? Gosh it’s a messy job! Not anymore, our Ash Bucket comes complete with lid, it’s also made from metal so you can add hot ash too! Although I would recommned waiting for it to cool before you put it in your wheelie bin otherwise the council will have a field day!

Our Fireside Sets are available in our usual fantabulous colours of Slate and Clay. The best thing is, you don’t even need a real fire, they make fantastic accessories for gas and electric fires too (although you might be pushing it if you place it next to a radiator!).

Will it all come out in the wash?

I absolutely love this time of year. Spring and autumn are my preferred seasons. Spring where by everything is fresh & new and autumn is the time to prep for bedding down for the winter. I am lucky enough to cycle to my desk every morning, and it is lovely to see the roadsides awash with snowdrops, with the daffs making an appearance too.

My favourite thing about spring though, is that the tumble drier becomes redundant once more (thus saving on electric) and the washing line takes over.

Washing always smells better and somehow feels cleaner when it’s had a blow out on the line doesn’it? Although if you are anything like me you always end up leaving the peg bag outside! Interestingly Peg Buckets with drainage holes are now available. Ideal for those who forget to bring the pegs in at night, or for those that simply don’t have the space to.

As well as the washing line getting an outing, I also like to use a clothes horse. My mother always had one in the kitchen near the Aga. It was always in-situ. You can get metal ones these days, but the wooden ones are more traditional and I find they leave your clothes with a less obvious crease – brilliant for my âno-ironingâ faze I am going through!

I also have an extending one on the utility room wall – useful for the tea towels and dishclothes to dry on.