Love is something special

Love is such a mysterious topic to talk about, you love everybody differently and it changes all the time.

Love at a young age is simple but it is by far the strongest.  Your parents unconditionally love you even when you do not know what the word love means yet.  Your parents raise you and care for you even when you are probably being loud and obnoxious.  You may even learn how to draw a heart to express your love for them, you may love them so much you are going to give them a card full of hearts; you may even love them so much you want to draw hearts on all of the walls to show them!  As you grow up you make many mistakes, but your ever-loving parents always forgive you.

When it comes to friends, despite how sometimes you may want to hit them with a shovel; your friends should always provide love, support and affection for you.  After all you wouldn’t be friends with them if you didn’t care for them.  This level of love has a prestigious and highly sought-after title of “Best friend” or BFF!

Love is also one of the most powerful forms of forgiveness, or at least I am assuming that is why my partner says, “You’re lucky I love you”.  Loving a single person, more than anybody else and refusing to be without them is possibly the second strongest love and compassion you can be part of.  Marriage joins two people who love each other together, sharing everything completely with your partner; some say romantic and some say crazy but I will let you decide.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to confess and show your love for all of the people you love, but love is not just for Valentines!  Show them you care with a small gift at any time of the year and get yours today!