Bank Holiday Weekends

lazy sunday afternoonslazy sunday afternoonslazy sunday afternoonsDid you know we’ve been enjoying long bank holiday weekends since 1871? First introduced by the Bank of England to help them stock take! We have four Bank Holidays in addition to Christmas and Easter and if the sun is shining that means four long weekends of lazing in the garden, smelling the BBQ and enjoying time with your family.

We have the perfect solution for lazing in the garden, why not get comfortable in our rocking deck chair and whilst the man of the house is at the BBQ make sure he can put is feet up too with our matching directors chair (he will love the title!).

If you’re lucky enough to spend the weekend by the seaside we have some fantastic BBQ Buckets, to make sure you don’t go hungry and gorgeous New England Stripey Windbreaks to keep the sneaky wind at bay.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, have a fabulous long weekend and most of all ENJOY x